PURE OXYGEN Mousse Mask 100g

PURE OXYGEN Mousse Mask 100g


PURE OXYGEN Mousse Mask – with pleasant cooling effect

Key active ingredients: Fiflow BB61, vitamin C, peptide carnosine, alginate, active substance with a cooling effect

Basic effect/properties: improves micro-circulation, oxygenation and detoxification on the skin and stimulates optimum skin cell function – a light mousse texture that feels pleasntly cool on the skin during application.

A relaxing manual massage will optimise the desired effects of the mask treatment; start massaging app. 10 minutes after applying the mask and keep massaging until the application time runs out.

The pleasant cooling effect makes the mask especially recommended after treatment with the Energy R-Mask Face Mask with thermal action.

Dosage: Mix 10g of mask powder (2 level tablespoons) add 20-30ml of Hyaluron Hydra Tonic for a single treatment of face the neck and upper chest. In order to optimise the effect, moisturise the skin with the Hyaluron tonic spray while wearing the mask. When the application time is over, rinse off the mask with lukewarm water and tone the skin.

With a pleasant cooling effect – as the mask pleasantly cools the skin during application, the treatment has a relaxing effect and feels especially good on hot and stressful days.

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