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Dear valued customer,

When you step through the door of the Savka Beauty Salon, please do it with confidence in my professionalism and 40 years of practice. You’ll be offered treatments / suggestions by the experienced beautician, who will provide advice and offer the best possible care, based on a professional skin examination.

What to expect?

  • Free skin examination and advice on selecting the right care programme,
  • Holistic, individual, approaches that lead to the total revitalization of body and mind,
  • Effective anti-cellulite treatments with tested results,
  • Non-invasive ANTI-AGE and LIFT skin treatments,
  • Unique, individually prepared treatments with therapeutic aromatherapy,
  • Unforgettable relaxing wellness treatments and massages.

For your satisfaction, significantly improved mood and a healthy, attractive look.

Savka Beauty guarantees top professional services with the following attributes

  • A high level of expertise, which is recognized and appreciated in professional circles,
  • Many years of experience, by the continued education and updating on the latest beauty trends,
  • Personalised approach for the achievement of excellent results,
  • The use of dermatologically tested preparations from the Afrodita Cosmetics, distinguished by formulas of harmonious active natural ingredients,
  • Savka Beauty has respectful and friendly manner,
  • A pleasing ambience,
  • SHOP IN – a convenient shop with a varied range of superior products.

Beauty treatments for the face, neck and upper chest


With natural preparations, it provides care and effective revitalisation of all skin types and includes a thorough deep skin cleansing, exfoliation and mask.

100 Price of treatment – 50 min $70


A natural way of providing ample hydration and nourishing skin care through the procedures of deep cleansing, exfoliation, eyebrow shaping, a relaxing massage and application of a mask suited to your skin type.

101 Price of treatment – 60min $95


This specially structured care founded upon aromatherapy is proven to repair the consequences of dilated capillaries. The treatment quickly calms sensitive skin prone to irritation and visibly reduces its redness and the incidence of red veins on the face. By using selected essential oils such as lemon, geranium and others, will fortify the elasticity and firmness of capillary walls.

103 Price of treatment – 60 min $105
104 Price of recommended 3 treatments $285


This original method form Afrodita Cosmetics includes an ampoule to strengthen the skin’s natural defence system against ageing and stimulate skin cell regeneration. Recommended for preventive anti-age skin care after the age of 25, for the care of skin with no muscle tone and as support for all types of mature skin without pronounced wrinkles.

105 Price of treatment – 60 min $90
106 Price of recommended 5 treatments $400


This provides intensive skin hydration and elasticity with a long-lasting effect of smoothness, firmness and rejuvenation. Our special Poly-moist mask promotes the formation of the skin’s natural collagen, mitigates premature signs of ageing, while the additional of a multi-active fluid protects it from loss of moisture. Recommended for all types of skin lacking in moisture, especially dehydrated and tired skin with poor tone.

107 Price of treatment – 75 min. $120
108 Price of recommended 5 treatments $550


PEEL RE-NEW is the result of new advances made in professional cosmetology and represents a modern approach to exfoliation based on alpha and beta hydroxyl acids. It enables multilayer exfoliation, and, as a result, intensifies the skin cell regeneration process and works with an all-round “RE-NEW’ effect! This effect improves many of the skin’s biomechanical properties, reversing the deterioration of several of its physiological and natural processes

  • Restores the skin’s natural freshness
  • Improves the structure of the epidermis and strengthens the skin’s barrier function
  • Visibly smooths the skin surface and reduces texture irregularities (e.g. scars caused by acne)
  • Evens out skin tone, lightens the complexion and reduces signs of hyperpigmentation
  • Alleviates problems associated with oily, impure skin
  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and, as a result, increases moisture supply to the skin, reduces pronounced wrinkles, tones the skin and slows down the skin ageing process.
109 Price of treatment – 90 min $150
Recommendation – minimum of 6 treatments on a weekly basis $700

SUPERIOR ANTI-AGE – With the power of 3 PEPTIDES

The 3 PEPTIDES innovation represents an advanced approach to anti-ageing skin care, combating visible signs of ageing at the root cause and rejuvenating your skin from inside out – breath-taking, rejuvenating effects. 3D ANTI-AGE massage will be performed using digital pressure to improve the firmness of muscle tissue and intensify the desired rejuvenation effects on the skin.

112 Price of treatment – 90 min $160


Enables active regeneration of adolescent skin and reduces skin flows and the formation of new acne and blackheads. In skin that has been treated for acne, it provides a painless way of cleansing and makes scars and surface flows less pronounced

118 Price of treatment – 50 min. $65
119 Price of the recommended 5 treatments $300


With an ice effect. It represents true foundation of fresh, renewed vitality, restoring freshness and active energy to tired, non-elastic and stressed skin with immediate results. After the treatment, you will regain a sense of wellbeing, your skin will be re-vitalised, nourished, glowing and looking healthy again.

113 Price of treatment – 60 min $90


In combination with facial lymphatic drainage, it quickly and strongly reduces swelling and puffiness below the eyes and in the upper eyelids. This special treatment uses a massage and mask to smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of being tired and eye bags.

114 Price of treatment including lymphatic drainage – 30 min $45


With the help of natural active ingredients, we successfully and intensively smooth wrinkles in the area of the neck and upper chest and slow down the formation of new wrinkles.

115 Price of treatment – 30 min $35


When you wish to luxuriate in golden splendour, lessen the effect of time and feel unique. This luxurious anti-age treatment with real 24-carat gold is a unique opportunity to experience unrealised dreams and treat yourself to unforgettable rejuvenating pampering that smooths fine lines and firms up the skin. Offer your skin protection from ageing and restore its natural, lustrous look.

DE-LUXE GOLD TREATMENT of the face, neck and upper chest

279 Price per treatment – 75 min $150

 DE-LUXE GOLD TREATMENT of the face, neck upper chest and hands

280 Price of treatment – 90 min $195

HYALURON – mini-lifting without needles

Using a revolutionary, 100% natural patented hyaluronic acid, it provides intensive and long-lasting hydration of all skin layers. It has been clinically tested to have an immediate effect with visible results skin which is drawn, dry and exhausted by stress is visibly firmed, pronounced wrinkles are smoothed and its tone is improved, all in a perfectly natural way and with long-lasting effect. Recommended to anyone who wishes to preserve a youthful, healthy and cared-for look of the skin through top-quality treatment.

319 Price of treatment – 60 min $110


A spectacular rejuvenating treatment with a special serum for an immediate lifting effect that visibly tightens and firms the skin, smooths lines, reduces eye bags and eyelid swelling.  The effectiveness of the lifting is apparent in the smoothed fine lines and reduced incidence of wrinkles.  The skin tone is improved and the skin once again shines with a youthful freshness.

109 Price of treatment – 75 min $110
110 Price of recommended 5 treatments $500

OXYGEN TERAPY – the basic element for the health of any skin

Oxygen is essential for the survival and healthy development of all the cells in our body, including skin cells. It works like “fuel” – the more oxygen there is, the more active the cells are. It galvanises their metabolism, which releases the energy required for the optimum performance of all natural skin functions.  It helps all skin types – will increase hydration, minimise dull, tired look, puffiness, uneven complexion, irregular pigmentation, a lower sensitivity threshold, poor muscle tone and will minimise the depth of number of wrinkles and lines.

285 Price of treatment – 60 min. $120

WINE THERAPY – rejuvenating

ANTI-AGE treatment with the tested power of aromatic grapes. Grapes and wine contain more than 1000 ingredients, some of them are invaluable to the skin vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and fruit acids, which effectively defy the signs of ageing with the unique effect of WRINKLE SMOOTHING

255 Price of treatment – 60 min. $90
260 Price of recommended 5 treatments $400


In addition to intensively regenerating, rejuvenating, firming and fortifying the natural protective film, this exclusive treatment simultaneously creates a good and relaxing mood with the aromatic scent of grapes. A soothing massage of the face, neck and décolletage has a positive effect on psychophysical relaxation.

COMPLIMENTARY hand massage.

256 Price of treatment – 75 min $110
261 Price of recommended 5 treatments $500


This exclusive treatment will leave you walking on air, not to mention your skin will be glowing with health and vitality – regardless of your skin type and condition.

  • Start with back massage with the aromatherapy to unwind, de-stress and relax
  • Deep double cleansing, to take away dirt and grime
  • Microdermabrasion with the sterile crystals or diamond-head to deeply exfoliate, smooth and rejuvenate the skin, or enzyme peel for extra sensitive skins
  • Soothing massage of the face neck and décolletage, with special digital pressure and drainage – will encourage skin rejuvenation and firmness
  • Hot towel press to infuse all the goodness of the treatment and remove excess
  • Apply Ampoule – Hyaluron, Vitamin, Gold 24Ka, 3 Peeptides, Collagen or Acne. Depending on your skin needs. Massage in
  • Apply mask according to the skin needs and condition and leave for 25minutes
  • Feet or hand treatment depends on your preference. Exfoliation, hot-towel wrap, than massage with aromatherapy for a total relaxation
  • Finally treatment serum, cream and eye cream with a stroking massage
  • Brush of mineral powder and blush, so you will walk out looking glamorous and feeling fabulous!!!
222  Price of treatment – 2.5 hours $250

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FACIAL AROMATHERAPY – Holistic rituals of the face, body and mind

It is used to deeply moisturise and compact the skin’s structure and it provides tired facial skin with immediate vitalization. The essential oils are individually selected to refresh facial skin, stimulate the natural process of its regeneration and smooth the depth of wrinkles with a visible lift effect. The tested power of nature is used to achieve relaxation of the mind while the skin of the face shines in fresh splendour.

144 Price of treatment – 75 min $120


145 Price of combination treatment – 120min $210


Individually selected essential oils and massage techniques stimulate sluggish blood and lymphatic circulation and its consequence hindered body metabolism.  Selected essential oils activate the process of fat break-down and facilitate an intensive flushing of water and retained metabolic products for the body. In the long term, the treatment protects the skin’s function and boosts its vitality.

147 Price of treatment – 90 min $110


This full-body massage 100% natural massage oils that enhance the effect of relaxation, improve the mood and lavishly pamper the skin and relax the body.

304 Price of treatment – 60 min. $85

MILK & HONEY – nourishing PRO-AGE milk & honey rituals

The latest milk & honey rituals for the face and body provide intensive natural pro-age protection of the skin and fully restore your vitality at all stages of life. A sensuously fragrant synergy of nature’s unique and precious products extracts of royal jelly, shea butter, coconut milk and oil stimulates all the senses and promises an unforgettable pampering of body and mind.

MILK & HONEY BODY MASK WITH MASSAGE – energy & pro-age protection

It stimulates the oxygenation of all tissues and offers support to the entire immune system and helps maintain skin vitality and elasticity. It inhibits the processes of skin ageing, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and youthfully fresh to the touch.

313 Price of treatment – 60 min. $97


This manual therapy will efficiently deal with the problems of stiffness, rigidity and contractions in the back muscles. It also has a strong painkilling and relaxing effect on muscles that have been subjected to heavy physical and emotional stress and strain.

155 Price of treatment – 30 min. $60


Rejuvenation & pro-age protection

This luxurious treatment of the whole body blends the procedures of exfoliation, sensually fragrant pampering with a massage and a mask into an unforgettable experience, offering a perfect renewal of youthful freshness, energy and well-being.

315 Price of treatment – 90 min. $125
316 To incorporate facial with the Cleopatra body rejuvenation – add $50

BODY EXFOLIATION – by slugging off the dead skin cells

This fantastic ritual will get your skin soft and glowing with freshness, increasing the blood circulation and reducing the environmental toxic build-up. Also prepares your skin for summer suntan or more even spray tan.

178 Price of treatment – 45 min. $50

LIPO-DETOX – an innovation in fighting cellulite! Up to – 2,3 cm!

Proven with clinical trials! The procedure is a simple and quick way of reducing body circumference and visibly improving the appearance of “orange peel” skin. Natural ingredients, backed by clinical trials, take active and immediate effect with the following results reduced thickness of fatty tissue, improved structure of subcutaneous tissue and reduced retention of water and storage of fat.  After a single one-hour treatment, the appearance of the skin is improved, becoming smooth, compact and visibly firmer.

LIPO-DETOX 3-step anti-cellulite procedure – step 1 & 2 ritual with body wrap, follow by shower and the 3rd step is massage with slimming cream.

268 Price of treatment – 90 min $150
269 Recommended minimum of 5 treatments $700

Anti-ageing procedures for face, neck and upper chest

DERMABRASION – as an addition to any facial treatment

In this tested non-invasive procedure, dead cells are peeled off with the help of fine sterile Crystals or Diamond head. It intensively removes smaller wrinkles (e.g. around the mouth), scars, pigment irregularities and other skin flows, improves the condition of skin after being treated for acne and actively rejuvenates it. The procedure is used on all skin types. It has excellent results in oily skin, reducing the incidence of pores.

281 Price of treatment – 30 min $50
For a very sensitive skins – enzyme peel is recommended $50


This is a safe and effective state-of-the-art procedure in which electrical impulses are used to increase the permeability of your skin membranes, which allows active ingredients to enter tissue in those areas where this effect is desired. It is intended for smoothing rough skin texture and the removal of wrinkles, treating areas affected by acne and removing pigment irregularities and other flows.


282 Price of treatment – 60 min. $105


203 Price of treatment – 75 min. $160

ULTRASOUND – an addition to any facial treatment

Using a special infusion mask to achieve visible lifting results,

Offering an excellent support for the neck and chin.

291 Price of treatment – 15 min $35


200 Makeup lesson as an add-on to facial 40min $60
201 Makeup lesson on its own 50 min $85
202 Makeup at the salon for any occasion $90
226 Eyebrow shaping $20
227 Eyebrow shaping and tinting $30
228 Eye lash tinting $25
229 Eyebrow shaping and tinting & lush tinting $45
214 waxing – lip, chin or sides of the face – $12 each or all together $35
215 waxing – full leg $50
216 waxing – ½ leg $30
217 waxing under arm $22
218 waxing 1/2 arm $20 full arm $30
219 waxing bikini $30

Also bridal makeup packages available (please inquire)