Acne Treatment Facial – 1 Hour

Acne Treatment Facial – 1 Hour


Young and problematic skins requires special attention and intervention

With professional care we can help the majority of clients facing problems with impure skin or acne. Only 15 precent need medical treatment.

All facials start with proper diagnosis of the skin conditions and consultation to determine further treatment requirements.

  • Cleansing with light milk to remove surface impurities and makeup
  • Cleansing foam for oily and impure sink is used to deeply cleanse and degrease skin
  • Toning with the acne lotion
  • Enzyme exfoliator is used to prevent cross contamination in case of inflamed acne
  • Moist warm towel is applied to activate the enzymes in to the skin for easier removal of dead skin cells and deep cleansing of the pores
  • In case of blackheads – will use the steamer and proper extractions…
  • Acne Ampoule is then applied – it works with mild antiseptic action and an astringent effect. It is effective in removing dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation in your skin, cleans clogged sebaceous glands and regulates their function. It helps calm irritated skin, promotes its revitalisation and successfully clears up the problem of impure skin.
  • Acne Cream Mask or Honey “M” Mask – for oily and impure skin is applied
  • During the mask client’s hands are massaged
  • After the removal of the mask – gentle massage of the face and décolletage with appropriate hydrating cream with pressure points and drainage techniques
  • Final step – hydrating cream depending on the condition of the skin

Young skin is restored to its natural youth and freshness!


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