Aromatherapy Custom Facial

Aromatherapy Custom Facial


Aromatherapy is used for:

  • Relaxation
  • Refreshment and invigoration
  • Detoxification through perspiration
  • Strengthening of the muscle system
  • Breaking-up fat cells, compacting thickening of the skin


We only use pure essential oils in aromatherapy, because synthetic oils may be able to deceive your nose, but not your brain. The power and effectiveness of pure essential oils should always be respected. Need we say more?

How does aromatherapy work?

  • By inhalation through the respiratory system
  • By skin absorption


Facial by design:

  1. By skin consultation and skin analysis – when determined by therapist which treatment to use…than the appropriate essential oils are selected
  2. Client is directly involved in choosing from the selected essential oils the one that she/he likes/dislikes
  3. Then, essential oils are mixed by therapist into the Base Natural that have been prepared with the nourishing oils suitable to the individual’s skin conditions
  4. The chosen essential oils need to be balance of sympatric and para-sympatric
  5. The prepared aromatherapy mixture is then extensively massaged  into clients’ previously cleansed and exfoliated skin
  6. Massage for approximately 20 minutes on the face neck shoulders and décolletage and it is done in two lots of massages
  7. Most of the mixture is massaged into the clients after that the remaining is cleansed with hot towel
  8. After the aroma massage the mask is used according to the clients’ skin condition

 Why aromatherapy facial?

  • Relaxing whole body and mind
  • Refreshing and revitalizing
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Antiseptic
  • Encourages renewal by increasing skin cells –  therefore, slowing down skin ageing
  • Increases oxygenated blood circulation to the surface of the dermis and epidermis
  • Regulating the sebum
  • Helps to calm inflamed skin
  • Essential oils are the reflection on the look and feel of the skin


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