Aromatherapy Facial – 1 Hour 30 Minute

Aromatherapy Facial – 1 Hour 30 Minute


Aromatic Essential Oils have been making a big comeback in cosmetic salons over the past few years. And this comes as no surprise. Their properties were valued and used to treat many problems, ages ago. They served as elixirs of life, health and beauty. Nowadays, our knowledge of their ingredients and effects is much more extensive and this added know-how is included in our aroma facials and massage treatments.

Aromatherapy is a designed facial – suitable for individual’s body, mind and spirit as well as specific skin needs and conditions.

The client must always participate in the preparation of the aromatherapy formulation. Only if the client finds the scent of an essential oil pleasant can we expect its positive effect on their skin, psyche and body.

Aromatherapy formulations are never prepared with a single essential oil; usually a combination of at least two or three is used.

All Aromatherapy Facials start with the Aromatherapy ½ hour Back Massage. Aroma Massage Oil is prepared together with the client – using the essential oils that suit clients’ needs and conditions.

Aromatherapy Facial includes:

  • Double cleansing and toning the skin with appropriate cleansing range according to skin conditions.
  • Skin exfoliation with gentle facial peel or enzyme peel
  • Aromatherapy is prepared according to the clients’ needs and skin conditions. Using Base Ntural, Nourishing Oils and the Essential Oils. This aromatic prepared mixture is gently massaged on the face, neck and décolletage for 15 to 20 minutes. Conditioning and essential oils penetrate the skin through lipids. Their active and very beneficial ingredients are absorbed through skin and inhalations. Hot towel is applied to further infuse the active ingredients and remove the excess.
  • Mask is applied according to the skin needs. While the mask is developing for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Clients’ feet or arms/hands are massaged

The Aromatherapy Facial will have you glowing from inside out – you will feel reborn with renewed energy. Your skin will look and feel so relaxed, re-energised and fresh, facial features softened and smooth!


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