Collagen Regeneration Facial, With Caviar Mask – 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Collagen Regeneration Facial, With Caviar Mask – 1 Hour 45 Minutes


Anti-Wrinkle & Lifting Effect – active care against wrinkles and the signs of ageing after the age of 35.

This is the DOUBLE AMPOULE – Very exclusive and results driven facial!

1 hour and 45 minutes  $170

The various natural active ingredients that form the core of the product formulas were chosen based on professional knowledge about their characteristics. Their exceptional symbiosis is reflected in their synergetic effects, especially those of the Chitosan Moisturising Factor (CMF), which ensure that the skin receives sufficient moisture, high-quality nutrients and effective protection against premature wrinkles.

  • Double Cleansing  with Hyaluron cleansing  milk followed by Hydro Tonic
  • Skin peel is applied and massaged gently and effectively to remove dead skin cells…followed with the hot towel to remove the peel. Hydro tonic is applied again.
  • Hyaluron Ampoule is than applied into the skin with special massage technique until all infused into the skin.
  • Collagen Mask is used – very exclusive natural collagen fibres, active ingredients from caviar extract then applied and formed the mould onto the skin. The extract activates micro-circulation and the metabolism, accelerates regeneration, strengthens the skin’s protection mechanism, regulating the level of moisture and stimulating natural collagen production.
  • Relaxing Hand Massage during the mask time
  • Very Exclusive Collagen Ampoule Treatment is applied – infusing and activating the natural collagen production…your skin will be lifted, firm and plump without being subjected to the injections of poisons substances.
  • Collagen Extra Moisturising or Intensive Nourishing Cream – depending of your skin needs.
  • Collagen Eye Cream

Results: Soft, Smooth, Plump and Bright looking skin, just after the first application. You will see the WOW! factor


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