Luxury Gold 24k Facial – 2 hours

Luxury Gold 24k Facial – 2 hours


This Deluxe total anti-age care is sheer luxury facial – it is skin’s energy supply that is pure and powerful skin rejuvenation, line and wrinkle smoothing and skin tone improvement.

Skin treated with gold becomes visibly smoother and beautifully lustrous.

Gold works with a positive effect on:

  • Reducing the breakdown of collagen and elastin which are the key building blocks of skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Stimulating blood circulation in your skin,
  • Reducing the level of free radicals and building up protection against external stress factors which causes skin ageing,
  • Light reflection, which creates an optical illusion of fairer, younger-looking skin and conceals its imperfections.

Products from the GOLD 24KA line incorporate fine particles of pure gold that bring positive energy to the skin from the hidden depths of the earth’s interior, while its soft reflection envelope your complexion with a luxurious shine and glamorous look. In combination with isoflavones, the products are proven to:

♥  Improve the thickness of your skin,

♥  Increase skin moisture,

♥  Smooth and firm your skin.

Gold Luxury Treatment starts with the ½ hour relaxing back massage to relax and de-stress!

Facial starts with double cleansing and toning the skin with the Afrodita cosmetics cleansing range suitable to the specific skin conditions.

Exfoliation or enzyme peel is applied to work on the dead skin cells to reveal new and fresher looking skin also works on de-clogging the pores so the treatment products will work to their fullest benefit.

Skin is toned using Afrodita toner suitable for the skin type

Gold Ampoule is applied on a perfectly clean and dry skin and massaged into the skin until all absorbed in…by tapping or pinching the skin gently so the ampoule is delivered to the deeper layers of the skin

Vita Derma Multi Active Serum is applied on face, neck and décolletage and massaged in with specific pressure points

Gold 24KA Massge Cream is then applied and massaged in a long relaxing strokes of décolletage, neck and face

Gold 24Ka pure gold leafs are placed on each cheek bone, forehead and chin then massaged into the skin until all melted and disappears into the skin – following the specific relaxing and drainage massage technique

Gold 24KA Luxury Mask is applied in a thick layer on the face, neck and décolletage. An eye pads are placed on the eyes…then

Gold warm pack the Royal Jelly is placed over the mask to relax and infuse all the active ingredients into the skin

While relaxing with the mask…you will get the feet or hands treatment with relaxing ex-foliation, compressed with the hot towels and then massaged with nourishing and relaxing aroma balm.

After the desired time of the mask the gauze of warm pack is removed and the mask massaged into the face, neck and décolletage with a final and relaxing strokes – to further infuse the nourishing and active ingredients into the skin. Remove the excess mask with warm towel or leave on – in case of very dry or atrophied skin.

This Facial is a TOTAL INDULGENCE for you mind and body not to mention your facial skin reconstruction and regeneration to the optimum look and feel!

Results: your skin will look and feel…younger, full of energy, smoother and firmer (face lift look and feel) without the injectable and poisonous chemicals!


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