What is facial lifting without needles?

facial lifting without needles

To achieve a youthful looking face, many people turn to needles. However, there are many more safe and non-invasive forms of treatment to achieve a natural, youthful complexion and appearance. One of these treatments is Facial Lifting Without Needles, which is currently offered by Savka Beauty.

This new approach involves an ultrasonic facial, alongside a skin rejuvenation and repairing treatment. This type of treatment may also be known as sonophoresis or soundwave therapy. Essentially, ultrasonic uses low frequency sonic vibrations to improve the permeability of your skin, to promote collagen synthesis, reduce wrinkles and eliminate the appearance of fine lines. As a result – you have more youthful, healthier skin.

Another benefit of this type of treatment is that sonophoresis uses ultrasound vibrations, which helps to infuse products into the skin. So the money you invest in your beautiful products will be well spent, as they can become better absorbed. The infusion technique and the application of associated products will improve the appearance of your skin, will improve your skin texture and will reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Just a few of the benefits of this type of treatment include:

  • Increased skin firmness and suppleness
  • Immediate results after treatment
  • Reshape and lifting appearance naturally
  • No down time
  • Can be combined with other procedures, for example, microdermabrasion and enzyme peels

Many skin conditions can be helped with sonophoresis, including:

  • Ageing skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Rough skin texture

Who is this treatment recommended for?

  • All skin types requiring a more soft and smooth complexion, as well as a more even tone.

Savka Beauty recommends a series of 6 treatments to ensure you get the best results for your skin. Following this, sonophoresis should be included in your regular facial plan.

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